Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ohio charter faked student enrollment numbers


NPR reports that a charter school in Dayton, Ohio, fraudulently inflated its enrollment numbers so it could receive more money from the state than it deserved.

According to the article, David Yost, an auditor for the state, said General Chappie James Leadership Academy reported having 459 students in attendance, but only 239 students could be documented. The charter school closed its doors last year.

“If you have 3 percent or 5 percent of your student population doesn’t have documentation, that might be bad record keeping,” he said. “When nearly half of your kids don’t have a file, there’s no documentation, that’s not a mistake, that’s not bad bookkeeping; that’s fraud.”

WDTN-TV said the closed charter school owes the taxpayers of Ohio about $1.2 million because of the fraudulent enrollment numbers.

Paul Katula
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