Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Allegations of grade-fixing plague the DC suburbs

The Maryland governor has called for investigations in a case involving teachers who may have inflated grades to boost graduation rates.

In the matter of Ryan Lochte, white athlete

Some people can get away with crimes. Like white Olympic swimmers. Not black kids, though, who are sometimes shot by police before they can apologize.

Md. family must pay $540K; enrolled kids in D.C.

Faking your residency in order to enroll in a desirable school is fraud, plain and simple. Yet people risk this in certain areas.

Ohio charter faked student enrollment numbers

A now-closed charter school fraudulently padded its enrollment numbers so it would receive more than $1 million more than it deserved.

Massive fraud in a few Florida charter schools

Fraud has been detected in Florida charter schools. These schools require limited oversight to flourish, but that can also allow corruption.