Thursday, June 4, 2020
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67-count Calif. indictment charges charter operators

Loose charter school laws in some places like California have led to deceptive business practices and the fleecing of taxpayers.

Is a profit motive good for education?

A profit motive in grant recipients can serve investors well, but is it good for the societal issue at the heart of the investment?

Md. awards grants to develop & expand charters

Maryland awarded millions to a few charter schools so they can expand their programs, target internships, and grow.

Ga. charter school operator stole $1.2 million

We've known charter schools can become corrupt more easily than traditional public schools because oversight regulations are relaxed.

A big online charter school is folding in Ohio

A huge online charter school will shut its doors in Ohio, leaving ~12k students scrambling to find other educational options.

Hirsch H.S. & others in Chicago dropped football

Charter schools are common in Chicago. The city wants to put another one inside an existing h.s. that has had its budget cut.

High school students need to study the fine arts

If you don't think fine arts programming is vital, ask a high school student. An IL student newspaper asked several, and here's what they heard.

Evolution, Darwin are not to be taught in Turkey

Turkish children will not learn about Darwin's evolution theories in high school biology classes starting next year, as the country redoes its curriculum.

U. Balto. president troubled by ‘disinvited’ speakers

US Ed. Sec'y Betsy DeVos was invited to speak at the U. of Balto., and students protested that invitation with a walkout and a rally yesterday.

Poll: support for charters drops 12%

Support for charter schools and some other "school choice" initiatives has declined a bit, notably among black and Hispanic populations.