Saturday, January 25, 2020
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A plea against charters rises from Bethlehem

When charter schools and other private corporations or churches take money away from public schools, bad things can happen and often do.

Trump to nominate Betsy DeVos for ed. sec.

Donald Trump today named Betsy DeVos, an advocate for private school voucher programs, as his choice for Secretary of Education.

Trump picks a national security adviser

Donald Trump's pick for national security adviser should be opposed, even though opposition by Republicans is unlikely.

Mass., Ga. reject school privatization efforts

Voters in Massachusetts overwhelmingly rejected a ballot question, backed by the governor, that would have raised the cap on charter schools.

Game theory says we overuse common resources

Scores have been released, and we're churning over the data right now. But be careful how you use test scores in school operations.

NLRB rules charter schools aren’t public schools

Two charter schools, one in NY, one in Pa., should be treated as private corporations under federal labor laws.

Comedian John Oliver says charters are corrupt

Charter schools were the butt of jokes by comedian John Oliver. Much of his criticism is well earned, as charters are barely accountable.

Turkish coup attempt & alleged ties to US charters

The failed coup attempt in Turkey has been blamed on a cleric tied to charter schools in the US, who denies any involvement.

Va. bill could create charter school commission

Virginia looks to amend its constitution, providing for a state-appointed board that could overrule local boards of ed & force charter school creation.

Dr. Ben Carson writes prescription for education

The education plan put forth by the Republican presidential candidate earlier this month has a few holes and inconsistencies.