Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Movie preview: Passion to Teach

The US and the educational community are in a bitter struggle to decimate the public schools by turning them into profit-generating machines.

Movie review: Your Name

A new Japanese animé film reminds me of the whole voucher-privatization debate for public schools: an identity crisis.

Orlando schools hide students who drop out

Schools in Orlando appear to be gaming the system in order to keep letter grades for the high schools high, even though students aren't being served.

Choice, autonomy, and equity in schools

Voxitatis is seeking comments on a way to assess the quality of education provided by schools that is based on more than a standardized test score.

Washington court: charters are constitutional

A county judge in Washington has ruled that the states charter schools are constitutional. With a new funding mechanism in place, the schools can stay.

Kids worse off in Ohio online charters

Bigger results now coming in show that online or virtual charter schools do not provide an effective education for students, here in Ohio.

Independence sought for Maryland charter schools

Maryland's governor would like to relax some charter school regs and create a separate state authority that could overrule certain local board decisions.

Senate confirms Trump’s pick for ed. sec’y

Betsy DeVos is the next US education secretary, following a close confirmation vote in the US Senate this afternoon.

FBI raids charter school company in L.A.

A charter school network is under scrutiny in the L.A. USD and the FBI, based on possible fraud and mismanagement of funds that were meant for schoolchildren.

On Trump’s nomination for education secretary

We check some facts about the nomination of Betsy DeVos as US secretary of education. We find her lacking in qualification for the job.