Saturday, April 17, 2021

LeBron & First Lady pump education


First Lady Michelle Obama and basketball superstar LeBron James were at the University of Akron today to encourage more young people to enroll in some form of postsecondary education, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Michelle Obama, center, with her two daughters. (Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images News)

And more than 2,400 people, young and old, heard the message in their “We Are Family” T-shirts and sweatshirts.

“LeBron has invested so much in you guys because he knows you are worth it,” she told the youth at a private event for the LeBron James Family Foundation. “It’s on you. You got college paid for. The question is, Are you going to do the work to get there?”

To what was the first lady referring?

Why, it’s a partnership between the James Family Foundation, the University of Akron, and JPMorgan Chase. Any child under Mr James’s mentorship who graduates from Akron Public Schools and meets other criteria for testing, attendance, and community service will receive tuition and fees to attend the University of Akron.

Mr James, who went from high school to the pros, hosted thousands of kids and their parents at the university. And although the exact criteria are yet to be determined, they are certain to be inclusive rather than elite.

The first lady’s new program, Better Make Room, was announced on Monday. It expands her Reach Higher initiative to inspire every student to complete their education past high school. The new program is aimed at youths age 14 to 19.

Paul Katula
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