Thursday, April 22, 2021

Dunlap packs the place for classroom supplies


The community at Dunlap High School in Illinois came out to “pack the place” for a boys’ basketball game on January 26, raising money for the school that goes beyond the district’s budget, writes Kaylee Walper in The Eagle’s Eye student newspaper.

Using a rock’n’roll theme and providing some great food, Hard Rock-themed T-shirts, and the basketball game (Dunlap lost to Pekin, 56-47), the evening’s fundraiser brought in $9,700, the paper reported. The money will be used for purchasing some classroom equipment and library books, as well as covering some of the costs school teams and groups incur in order to travel to competitions that can take them to other states on occasion.

“There were tons more people there this year, and we raised more money, which makes it 10 times better,” one senior—and a superfan—was quoted as saying about the event.

Around the country, “pack the place” or “pack the house” fundraisers are a perennial occurrence at high schools.

Pack the Place at Annawan H.S. for a local sports broadcaster (Wethersfield District 230)

Right in Illinois, the Annawan Public Schools District 226, along with Wethersfield School District 230, presented local high school sports broadcaster Steve Peart with a check to help cover medical expenses after packing the house for a January 25 basketball game.

And last Friday, the girls’ basketball team at Hingham High School in Massachusetts packed the place to share a significant portion of the gate receipts to make an in-kind donation to the six veterans who reside in a supportive housing unit, including one who graduated from the school in 1976 and is the uncle of the team’s captain.

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