Tuesday, September 26, 2023

‘Wow’ comes up short for an 11-school dance concert


At Barrington High School in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, the dance teams from 11 schools, including York Community High School in Elmhurst, came together for a concert that celebrated dance, writes features editor Isabelle Dyer in This Is York, the student newspaper at York.

York Advanced Dance Team (school via Instagram)

Each school’s team took part in a dance concert, the first of what some students hope will be a regular opportunity to work with dancers and choreographers from the Chicago-based Giordano Dance Company. “It has been one of the best things I’ve done in the dance program,” one senior dancer was quoted as saying. “Giordano is an opportunity I never thought this dance program would be able to participate in.”

Before the performance, different schools’ teams were wishing each other luck. That’s because this performance brought them together on the stage at Barrington to perform, not to compete. Dance teams from each school got to work individually with three members of the professional dance company and to see the performances by other schools’ teams, “which was a great opportunity to experience other choreographers’ visions,” Ms Dyer wrote.

York’s dance, in particular, was described as telling a story about running a race: “You are almost there and things might get in your way, but you keep going,” one junior dance team member described the underlying message as being.

Participating high schools

  • Barrington
  • Buffalo Grove
  • Elk Grove
  • Hersey

  • Libertyville
  • Rolling Meadows
  • St. Viator
  • York Community

The Bataille Academy of the Danse in Barrington, the Trilogy School of Performing Arts in Lake Zurich, and the McDonald Dance Academy in Arlington Heights also participated.

Ms Dyer has made regular appearances in This Is York, thanks to her reviews this season of “The Bachelor.” Action on the reality show is heating up, even though the show is, as she describes it, about as interesting as a “dry baguette.” Taking such a dry subject and livening it up with good writing isn’t an easy task, but she has a knack of actively engaging readers as they eavesdrop on her yelling back at the TV. Here’s an excerpt from the latest episode, a dating bonanza in Paris:

She and Arie walk in silence down the city streets, and every time the Bachelor tries to engage her about the incredible sights they’re seeing, Lauren has just one thing to say: “Wow.”

Girl, it’s the Notre Dame Cathedral—couldn’t you muster up another syllable or two? “Sorry,” she giggles after yet another lengthy pause in the conversation. “I’m just taking it all in.” Arie’s response to Lauren’s reticence is interesting: rather than just being bored by her, he starts to worry that she’s just not that into him. “I would love more than anything for you to like me,” he says eagerly, to which Lauren replies … “Yeah.” Either she is an expert at playing hard to get, or Lauren legitimately has nothing to say.

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