Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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The best students get a few Bs and Cs

The "best" students, or those most likely to succeed in college, a career, and life, usually don't get straight As in school.

Collaboration, invitation, and celebration in Normal

Marching bands come together at 2 central IL high schools, and the result is phenomenal: learning, collaboration. And MUSIC.

‘Wow’ comes up short for an 11-school dance concert

A dance concert celebrates the art form while bringing together students from schools that sometimes compete.

Dr. sentenced, MSU prez resigns in gymnastics abuse

A man who served as "the must-see" physician for US gymnasts was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison for having abused them.

Youth hockey player dies after flu takes hold

A 10-year-old hockey player died from flu complications last weekend in N.Y. It's shaping up to be a terrible flu season.

Unlike monkeys, we turn competition into cooperation

Games, like life, don't have to be a zero-sum game, as scientists at Ga. State found by looking at primate behavior in monkeys.

Competitive pressure makes ‘choking’ more likely

Unless monetary reward is involved, competition may adversely affect performance of employees. Is the same true for students?

Magazine declares top high schools in America

Based on its own criteria, well established as they may be, a news magazine once again ranked high schools in America.

Worst semester of life at a competitive high school

Being a student at a highly competitive high school has its good points, but many students bail out at the first sign of stress.

Under pressure, men choke more than women

Stress under highly competitive situations, such as a Grand Slam tennis match, shows that men choke under pressure quite consistently while women choke only sometimes.