Monday, January 30, 2023

Guns brought to 2 Md. high schools


News stations around Baltimore are reporting that guns were brought to two Maryland high schools, one by a parent who got into a fight with a student, and another by a 15-year-old student.

German-made Glock-17 (Askild Antonsen/Flickr Creative Commons)

A school resource officer at Crofton High School in Gambrills investigated a fight that had taken place in the school parking lot on December 6. During the altercation, a parent was seen on video taking out a black box, which the SRO thought looked like a pistol box.

After determining that it contained a Glock 17 that was never taken out of the box or used to threaten the student with whom the parent was fighting, the SRO issued a criminal summons for the 45-year-oold parent, according to a report on WBAL-TV (NBC affiliate).

The other incident occurred at Reservoir High School in Fulton just today, WBFF-TV (FOX affiliate) reported, where a 15-year-old male student left the school at lunch time, ostensibly to get some fast food for lunch.

When he returned, he allegedly brought a bag with him to the school’s entrance. When he tried to get back into the school, staff members asked him to open the bag as a matter of protocol. Such searches are common for any people entering school buildings during the day, especially if that person had left the building previously without permission.

Instead of complying with the search, the abruptly left the school. A staff member then saw him dispose of a black object, which was later determined to be a loaded gun.

The student was arrested, and Howard County Police officers searched his home in Laurel but found no additional weapons. The gun recovered from school grounds, however, was unregistered and not reported stolen. An investigation into how the student came to be in possession of the gun was said to be ongoing.

Officials in both incidents found no evidence that the people bringing guns onto school property had ever threatened to use the gun or made any threats to anyone at all. Investigations are ongoing, though.

Paul Katula
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