Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Parents, teachers stressed with e-learning

The stresses of e-learning extend from teachers to parents, not to mention the loss of learning and other kid-based risks.

E-learning fails our students & teachers

Some Md. students, teachers, & parents are exasperated with e-learning and are throwing in the towel. When will this bad experiment end?

Aggressive play is a rehearsal for angry peers

When children play aggressively, they may be "rehearsing" for peers who have bad tempers, new research suggests.

Families plan to stay healthy during closures

Although schools are doing what they can to keep students learning and healthy during the coronavirus outbreak, that duty now shifts to parents.

Lie to kids? They’re likely to lie more as adults

Research out of Singapore, Canada, & the Univ. of Calif. suggests kids who are lied to more tend to lie more when they become adults.

One reason urban murder & drug rates stay high

School & community problems often come down to life in American families and how different school experiences are.

#MeToo doesn’t have to be a political movement

A hashtag can be a powerful thing, a student from Bloomington, Ind., explains, esp. when it comes to sparking a social revolution.

College students slightly less narcissistic today

A new Univ. of IL study suggests college students of the 2010s are actually less, not more, narcissistic than those of the 1990s.

Warmth builds self-esteem more than praise

A series of literature reviews now published in Child Development examines how children make judgments about their place in the world.

Kids praised for being smart more likely to cheat

As opposed to praising kids for "doing a good job," praising them for "being smart" can backfire and increase their tendency to cheat.