Thursday, December 1, 2022

NTOY Kurt Russell talks politics with Newsy


Newsy and The Washington Post spoke with ‚ÄčNational Teacher of the Year Kurt Russell about politics, teaching, and the effects of the pandemic.

Mr Russell is a high school social studies teacher at Oberlin High School in Ohio, and what he is allowed to say in the classroom in the wake of the passage of certain laws that would seem to restrict how teachers can teach, impacts his teaching to some degree, he told Newsy. How are the political debates impacting how he does his job? And what will it take to get kids caught up after the pandemic?

He told Newsy that he’s able to have those “tough conversations” with his students because his students are “engaged”:

“When I started teaching, I made a promise to myself and to my students: To make sure I give them the best the best educational opportunities I could afford them,” he said. “As a history teacher, the only way in which I could do so is by giving them the actual information.

“What I try to do,” he continued, “is to give them a framework in order for my kids to use and for them to formulate their own discussions and their own opinions.”

Paul Katula
Paul Katula is the executive editor of the Voxitatis Research Foundation, which publishes this blog. For more information, see the About page.


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