Monday, September 25, 2023

Senior at Wheeling launches a clothing drive


Do you think one person can’t make a difference? If so, you’ve never met inspired and inspiring teenagers who persist in doing something positive for their communities.

Samantha Springer, a senior at Wheeling High School, about 20 miles north of Chicago, launched a two-week clothing drive last month and collected thousands of clothing articles for children and teens from every school in Township High School District 214, Suburb Talk reports.

“I love thrifting,” she was quoted as saying. “And on a trip to San Francisco, I saw all these street vendors and flea markets. It inspired me to start this. I see this as a clothing exchange.”

Indeed, the clothing was given away for free at an event at the school one Saturday afternoon. And if all goes according to plan, Wheeling High School hopes to take the clothes that weren’t given away and combine them with a coat drive a little later.

“There are so many families in need,” Samantha added. “Everyone should have access to clothing. It’s not a luxury item. And for kids, clothes are such a meaningful expression of who they are.”

In related news, Grace Marshall writes in the Titan Times, the student newspaper at Tuscarora High School in Frederick County, Maryland, that the “Local Love Club” at Tuscarora has been visiting the Frederick Rescue Mission once a month to cook meals for and share some conversation with recovering addicts.

At this time of year, the club keeps the meals simple, but as the holidays approach, they’re expected to become more and more festive.

“I think it is important for kids to feel empowered through their voices and the fact that they can contribute to their communities,” Grace quoted the club’s advisor, English teacher Meredith Nickles, as saying. Not only does Ms Nickles sponsor the club, but in a real act of charity, she also buys ingredients for the meals.

Grace wrote that it was “extremely rewarding” for the students to sit and chat with those they were cooking for, just to hear the stories of their recovery progress.

In addition to programs like the Local Love Club, the Frederick Rescue Mission runs donation drives to provide clothing items for people who need them.

Paul Katula
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