Monday, October 18, 2021
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TX backs expulsion for not standing during pledge

A Texas student who was expelled for not standing during the pledge is suing the school for violating her free speech rights.

Accused can question accusers in sex assault cases

The accused should be given a chance to cross-examine adverse witnesses, even in university disciplinary hearings.

Feds withdraw sexual assault investigation rules

The US Ed. Dept. issued interim guidance that will replace some Obama administration rules for how schools investigate sexual assault.

Expelled for using the N-word? Sue the school.

A text-message exchange between friends at a private high school in Chicago has led to the expulsion of 2 girls for making racist remarks.

Colo. students caught trading 100s of nude photos

A sexting incident at a Colo. HS has revealed a class of smartphone apps known as photo vaults to several school officials and parents.

Gitmo detainees may be allowed to plead

The president considers allowing Gitmo detainees to plead guilty to capital crimes, which would protect top secret information from being revealed.