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A game of Zingo! in algebra I at Alton HS

Visiting an algebra I classroom in Alton, Ill., last fall, I discovered a fun game the teacher played to help kids manipulate numerical expressions.

ABCs for Marching 100 success

The band program at Alton HS in IL has bounced back after 2 troubled directors. The Marching 100 sounds great.

Principal Appreciation Day in the Land of Lincoln

Today is Illinois Principals Day, and we join millions of children and their communities in expressing our gratitude.

What's in your school pictures?

It was school picture time at Alton HS this week when I visited. So, what do those pictures look like?

Can students make change without a cash register?

In a math class at Alton HS, a teacher stresses one of the Common Core's Standards of Mathematical Practice.

One English lit lesson supported by Common Core

An English literature class at an IL high school shows but one example of teaching great literature with the standards in the Common Core.