Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Baltimore’s Renaissance Academy will continue

A troubled high school in Baltimore will remain open, thanks to strong and loving feedback from students and the community. And $1 million in cash.

Balto. City restores free bus service for students

Thanks to the Ravens, Under Armour, and gov't officials who have kids' back, Baltimore students will be able to ride public buses for free until 8 PM.

Better to accelerate the gifted & talented

Should gifted students skip a grade? The debate may be a hundred years old. Research has settled some questions but opened others.

Balto. rent-to-own homes have lots of lead

Rent-to-own homes frequently come with lead paint problems that the "buyers" are obligated but unable to repair. So kids suffer.

Balto. teacher fired for using the N-word in class

An 8th-grade science teacher in Baltimore City lost control of her class and used a racial epithet on students. She was fired.

Baltimore City expands access to breakfast

A nonprofit will provide funding for food service equipment and make it easier for students in Baltimore City to grab some breakfast before classes.

Resilience grants to St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago

The US Department of Education announced grants to promote student resilience following community trauma for St. Louis, Chicago, and Baltimore City.

A white teacher on Black Lives Matter in Baltimore

The #BlackLivesMatter movement is a popular topic on this blog, because #BLM works for justice, and that above all else needs everyone.

Baltimore City may raise bar for student-athletes

Baltimore City student-athletes may have a specific GPA requirement in order to maintain eligibility for sports. It's about time.