Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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New year renews the ban-smartphone debate

Addictive apps on smartphones have changed the way many school hallways and classrooms look: like the rest of the world.

Smartphone addiction linked to chemical imbalance

Being "addicted" to a smartphone or the internet can be linked to a chemical imbalance in the brain, new research suggests.

Company sued for expanding school robo-texts

Technology has made it easy for schools to notify parents in an emergency by robocall or robo-text. But has it gone too far?

Text alerts spur parental engagement

Parents who get text messages about their kids' missing school work or cut classes are more likely to follow up with the school or the kid.

Should you bring a baby to a concert?

We reflect on some of this year's best (and worst) behavior. By which I truly mean behavior at concerts. Truly. Well, maybe a little politics.

Drive or converse? Brain does one thing at a time

If you're have a conversation, your brain shifts resources to hearing centers and pays less attention to the visual cortex.

A door to the past opens if police open an iPhone

When police need to know what's on someone's iPhone, Apple might refuse to unlock it. But some circumstances make a search of the phone's data possible.

College campuses are overrun with Pokémon Go

If you're on a college campus these days, there's a good chance you'll play (or see most students playing) Pokémon Go!

Top parent fears about teen cellphone use

Duke Univ. examines 7 common fears about the influence of mobile technologies on adolescents’ safety, social development, cognitive performance, & sleep.

Did cell tower cause death in school aquarium?

Some fish have died in a Maine biology class, and students ask if a cell tower on the roof above the class might be the cause.