Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Texting helps compliance with teen birth control

If teenage girls get regular text messages from their doctors, they're more likely to stay on schedule with any birth control than if they just get phone calls.

Parents feel guilty about cellphone use

Parents of young kids often feel guilty that they don't control their cellphone use during trips to the playground. Phones take their attention away.

Md. city opposes cell tower on school property

We side with community members in opposing the building of cell towers near public schools — or even near charter schools, for that matter.

Should we build a cell tower near a middle school?

Cell towers give off radiation, but we still don't know how dangerous it is to build one near a school, where students spend several hours every day.

Cellphones shielded from warrantless search: SCOTUS

A landmark ruling in the Supreme Court, the first ever about computer- or smartphone-based privacy, is a win for privacy advocates.