Friday, September 17, 2021

College campuses are overrun with Pokémon Go


As many young people head off to college, they may find that the campuses are overrun with all ages of people playing the app-game Pokémon Go, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

University of Wisconsin, Madison (Twitter)

“We apologize for the quality of service at our info desk,” the folks at the University of Wisconsin tweeted after posting the picture above. “We don’t know why it won’t stop hissing.”

The game began in early July and will continue through the fall, as players try desperately to level up. It involves aimlessly wandering around and exploring their campuses, desperately looking for Pokémon. The players gather around “Poké stops,” where they reload on supplies such as “Poké balls.” Those balls are required for catching “Pokémon.”

As colleges embrace the game, which is inspired by the card game from the 1990s, they’re also taking steps to make sure students remain safe as they hold their smartphones at weird angles around campuses. From the University of Central Florida police, we find this message:

Players, look up once in a while from your smartphones, just to make sure you’re not in the middle of traffic.

Paul Katula
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