Monday, August 3, 2020
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Ohio University hazing charges bring suspensions

The university is investigating hazing charges brought against several student organizations and social groups.

Va. State band suspended over hazing allegations

Va. State suspended its marching band while police complete an investigation into hazing allegations by members.

Mental health care on the rise on campus

Mental health diagnoses and treatment of college students increased substantially between 2007 and 2017; a meta-analysis.

Roommates can underestimate each other’s stress

College is a time of stress for many, but if your dorm roommate can be more tuned in to your stress levels, maybe she or he can help.

Dr. sentenced, MSU prez resigns in gymnastics abuse

A man who served as "the must-see" physician for US gymnasts was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison for having abused them.

Students ask female professors for more favors

Professors get special requests from students a lot, like extra time. Female profs who deny the request are more likely to get complaints.

We expect more of ourselves today, incl. perfection

Meritocracy places a strong need for young people to strive, perform and achieve in modern life; that leads to an increase in perfectionism.

Hazing deaths spur change in fraternity parties

Several recent hazing deaths involving alcohol at fraternity parties on college campuses have caused several colleges to rethink Greek life.

Amid hate incident uptick, U.Md. hires coordinator

Hate bias incidents are reportedly on the rise at Maryland's flagship university. Why? What can or should be done?

Grad student tuition waivers should be tax-free

What will the eventual tax reform legislation Congress finally passes contain? Not sure yet, but a few parts of it have us concerned.