Monday, May 10, 2021
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NCAA touts highest-ever graduation rate

Graduation rates for college athletes rose slightly and are ahead of the graduation rates for the general student body, the NCAA says.

Concealed carry coming to Texas colleges

Texans should reconsider a new law that will allow the concealed carry of handguns into university buildings, incl. dorms & classrooms.

College students can easily find stimulants

It's not hard for college students to find (and abuse) prescription drugs on campus, according to a new survey from Ohio State.

Lower drinking age linked to higher dropout rate

Simply lowering the legal drinking age to 18 to combat binge drinking on college campuses may be short-sighted. H.S. kids might be hurt.

College students mostly riot over being drunk

College students still riot, just as they did in the 60s. But now they don't have a political message; they just want to drink.

81% take more than 4 years to graduate college

Graduation within 4 years with a bachelor's degree has become more elusive for more and more students who start college.

Controversial gossip website shuts down

0 The Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting that JuicyCampus, which had established gossip sites for about 500 college campuses where anonymous posters came very...