Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Teaching ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ for sexual consent

Sex ed in h.s. would include a "requirement" to teach affirmative consent as part of the curriculum if a Md. bill becomes law.

On Charles Darwin’s 208th birthday

Today is Charles Darwin's birthday, and we celebrate it by talking about the intersection of science, religion, the care of our planet, and technological advances.

9th Circuit hears about Trump’s travel ban

Protests began right after Pres. Trump issued a travel ban on people from certain countries. Even at small airports, college students joined in.

Not all college students binge drink

It has been reported that we're naïve to think college students won't get drunk, thereby escaping criminal prosecution for some bad behavior.

Stanford football player ‘acquitted’ of ‘rape’

A football player at a premier university was charged with sexually assaulting an anonymous female student and found not responsible by a disciplinary board.

Minn. Gophers end boycott over sex assault

U. of Minn. football players boycotted their own team last week because 10 players were suspended for a sexual assault. The boycott's over.

Car, knife attack injures 11 at Ohio State

An attacker at Ohio State U. injured at least 9 students before police shot him dead about 1 minute after his attack began.

Teens’ binge drinking affects their kids

Adolescent binge drinking isn't just dangerous to teenagers' brain, but also may impact the brains of their children, a Loyola U. Chicago study finds.

Applying to college? Look closely at your essay.

To apply to some colleges, you have to write an essay. Some counselors have noticed a few pitfalls many students have in writing the essays.

Diversity managers at colleges are thought police

We are breeding a new variety of thought police, going by the name of "diversity officer" at our universities. Wrong-minded idea gone haywire.