Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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College students slightly less narcissistic today

A new Univ. of IL study suggests college students of the 2010s are actually less, not more, narcissistic than those of the 1990s.

Nonsense from both ends of the political spectrum

Should white supremacists be allowed to spew hate in the name of free speech? Should illegal aliens be allowed to vote?

Police shoot knife-wielding Ga. Tech student

Ga. Tech police fatally shot a 21-year-old engineering student who was wielding a knife and had reported a drunk, armed man on campus.

U.S. signals major shift in sex assault investigation

Schools may soon have new guidance from the feds on how sexual assaults should be investigated, Betsy DeVos told the country.

Antioch senior athletes look to leave a legacy

As the school year begins, some senior athletes, aware that this will be it for many of them, step up their game.

Religious, political diversity is united at U.Va.

As a prominent U.Va. dept. repudiates the violence of white supremacy, other writers compare Trump to the Indian prime minister.

When political violence goes to college

Violence on college campuses isn't anything new, but when it brings a dose of white supremacy, colleges sometimes can't deal with it.

Students at top colleges talk less about mental health

Students who attend more selective schools and those who attend schools attended mostly by women post more about mental health issues.

Marijuana users perform worse in school

Students who smoke marijuana are less likely to attend college & less likely to get good grades in high school.

Emotions follow the death of a student’s parent

What are some issues that face students who lose a close relative or a friend? How does it affect them in school? What can schools do?