Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Host school contingency sites if Chicago teachers strike

The Chicago Public Schools have released a contingency plan to make sure students are accommodated in the event of a teachers strike on Monday. The plan includes 144 "host schools" or "contingency centers" as well as several faith-based organizations, mostly churches.

Chicago students have contingencies if teachers strike

Chicago Public Schools teachers may be on strike by Monday, leaving many students, student-athletes, and school officials wondering what they'll do to keep up with the demands of school life, which don't wait for a teachers strike to end.

Compromise reached on longer school day in Chicago

The Chicago Teachers Union and Mayor Rahm Emanuel appear to be working toward ironing out differences in order to avoid a strike. There's still a long way to go if a strike is to be avoided, but so far, things don't look terrible. The issue of a longer day, which was part of recent compromises, will keep coming up, though, so this is a preview of things to come.