Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Feds: It’s clear humans cause climate change

The govt. released a blockbuster report that says, without question, human activity is responsible for most global warming.

Money in the bank but still broke in Puerto Rico

Cash is king, but in Puerto Rico, much of which is still without power, it has become the queen, jester, and pauper as well.

Hurricane Maria knocks out all power in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico took a direct hit from Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm at the time. It's been downgraded, but the entire island is without power.

Biodiversity helps ecosystems survive climate change

Biodiversity is being lost in recent decades as species become extinct. Yet ecosystems that have higher biodiversity tend to survive better in our changing climate.

How is lung cancer like Hurricane Harvey?

We didn't deny the connection between long-term smoking and lung cancer. Why do we continue to deny the effect of climate change on weather?

San Francisco is hot, with wildfires blazing nearby

Extreme and record-setting heat came to the San Francisco area late last week, and wildfires continue to threaten lives and national treasures.

Wildfires affect folks miles away in Montana Rockies

The Rocky Mountains in Mont. are breathtaking, but today, they're covered in smoke from wildfires that are impacting people's lives.

Can good governance cut greenhouse gases?

Reducing greenhouse gases would reduce the effects of climate change. Have 9 states found a way to do that?

Possible tornado in Salisbury turns over cars

A strong storm moved through Salisbury, Md., this afternoon, causing some damage and overturning cars. No one was hurt.

US teachers harbor climate change misconceptions

US science teachers have some of the same misconceptions about climate change as the general public, and they need more support.