Monday, August 10, 2020
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Close to water, “senioritis” takes on new meaning

Seniors at many high school often take a planned but unscheduled day off to relieve the stress that comes at the end of high school.

EPA head denies humanity’s role in climate change

Despite growing evidence, officials at the US Environmental Protection Agency suggest CO2 isn't a major contributor to global warming.

On Charles Darwin’s 208th birthday

Today is Charles Darwin's birthday, and we celebrate it by talking about the intersection of science, religion, the care of our planet, and technological advances.

Texas board will vote on science in April

Does Betsy DeVos believe we should teach creationism? the Bible? What would science teachers experience with her at the US Dept of Ed?

Risk of flood changing in many US regions

Major news over the last 12 months included destructive flooding in several states. There's a pattern, and it, like the climate, is changing.

When ice melts on Earth, it happens layer by layer

Even at very cold temps, the surface of ice is liquid, which makes it slippery. As it warms, deeper layers melt one at a time.

On climate change, teachers’ beliefs matter

Students think like their teachers about the science of climate change but don't always follow their teachers about its human causes.

Farming can, and must, adapt to climate change

Climate is warmer, so some farming practices have changed, noticed in one study in Western Africa, but it could move closer to home.

Hard to predict storm paths due to climate change

Forecasting the path of storms in temperate latitudes is becoming increasingly difficult due to climate change, U of Chicago researchers say.

Floods in Ellicott City, Baton Rouge, St. Louis

Massive flooding in Louisiana and other US locations isn't "caused" by climate change, but warmer global temps increase the likelihood of a destructive event.