Monday, October 26, 2020
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Trump seeks ‘repeal’ of so-called Common Core

What did Kellyanne Conway mean when she said the president was planning to "repeal" the Common Core State Standards?

U-46 hopes to make 8th-grade math less stressful

A career in the 21st century will require more problem-solving ability than one a hundred years ago would have. Sharpen those algebra skills.

Reading fiction may not boost social cognition

New research, trying to replicate findings that showed reading a little literary fiction would boost social cognition, failed to reach the same findings.

Ravitch still opposes Common Core: NYT

The Common Core has taken root, but there are experts among educators who would rather we use something else for math & English.

Mass. will not vote on Common Core

The Mass. Supreme Judicial Court said a ballot initiative that could have rolled back adoption of the Common Core is too vague to be on the ballot.

Common Core math may set unrealistic goals

The Common Core has been controversial, especially for our youngest students, and a survey conducted over a year ago suggests changes may be in order.

Jeb Bush follows Common Core trajectory

Jeb Bush may soon end his run for president, but some of his ideas are worth talking about, no matter who becomes the leader of the free world.

Mass. will use PARCC questions, on its own

One of the leaders of PARCC has decided to reduce its level of dependence on tests from the multistate consortium.

Access to strong math content depends on wealth

A useless study, promoted by the Washington Post, says rich kids have access to better math curricula than poor kids.

Voters in Mass. might weigh in on Common Core

A possible ballot question in Mass. will ask voters what they think about the Common Core State Standards. We hope they're never asked.