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Poll: Americans see schools as more than a test

The latest PDK poll came out Sunday. People don't like tests, are split on opting out, and like their local schools.

Chicago teacher can now accept Common Core

The "new math" under Common Core may look a little strange. It may look like overkill. It may just look confusing. But there's a method to the madness.

Read court opinions with Tom Sawyer in lit

The NYT found some interesting lit lesson plans out there, given the Common Core's emphasis on reading information texts.

Md. parent rambles about Common Core standards

We respond, yet once again, to a parent who fails to see the benefits of the Common Core State Standards or the tests that are designed to measure them.

Engineer looks at CCSS math grade 2

How can an electrical engineer not understand the teaching of 2nd grade math to his own son. Not sure, but it does happen.

3rd graders learn to estimate with Common Core

We consider a letter written by a parent of a 3rd grader in Maryland, published in the Baltimore Sun, about the Common Core standard for estimation.

Tenn. student objects to standardization, Common Core

A very eloquent objection to many school reforms sweeping the country was entered onto the record in Knox County, Tenn., by Ethan Young, a student. Our response follows.

Relevance is one key to understanding Common Core

The Common Core shifts the focus by eliminating some of the useless standards in math and language arts, as several people have observed.

Common Core State Standards Initiative leaves out 4 states

0 Only four states (Alaska, Missouri, South Carolina, and Texas) have yet to sign on with the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which US Education...