Common Core State Standards Initiative leaves out 4 states

Only four states (Alaska, Missouri, South Carolina, and Texas) have yet to sign on with the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which US Education Secretary Arne Duncan called “a giant first step in the right direction.” The measure, signed by the governors and chief education officers of 46 states and the District of Columbia, seeks to align standards in core subjects for K-12 education in America.

“The goal obviously is to raise the bar for everyone, and it’s very important that this not be watered down,” USA Today quoted Mr. Duncan as saying.

The standards, when and if they are developed, will be voluntary, so states could opt out of the standards without any penalty. However, most education leaders think states will opt in.


Although the original list of signatories excluded only four states, we have received word from a blog on the Houston Chronicle website that Maine has also chosen not to participate in the Common Core Initiative.

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