Friday, June 18, 2021
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Hogan may be reneging about Common Core

People are still complaining about the Common Core standards, even in Maryland. This time, it's about the new governor.

‘Dugnad’ inspires a school band from Norway

We interviewed 2 leaders from a Norwegian school marching band who visited the US earlier this month for the July 4 parade in Washington.

Arkansas is the latest state to drop PARCC

Ark. became the latest state to withdraw from PARCC last week. The future looks uncertain, but the consortium can be saved.

Teen spots math issue at Boston museum

An "error" found by a 10th grader in a museum's Golden Ratio exhibit turned out to be an alternative representation.

5th grader says PARCC test made her think

A 5th grader from Mass. liked the PARCC tests; they should be the only tests she takes. Others find standardized tests mind-numbing.

UK teachers must report suspected extremism

Under a new law in the UK, teachers are required to report suspected extremism in their students if they notice it. Good idea?

The meaning of 'at grade level'

A new education website is launching to advocate for public school students, but many of the stats it's based on are misinterpreted.