Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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A few threats received against Baltimore-area schools

Police and school officials in a few Md. school systems have been investigating threats since the mass shooting in Fla.

Hate crimes alleged in McHenry Co., across U.S.

On bullying black, Latino, gay, or any other category of human that predestines them to a life of being afraid, are Americans really stuck?

Alarming numbers of teens cyberbully themselves

Digital "self-harm," a form of cyberbullying where teens send hurtful messages anonymously to themselves, is emerging as a concern.

US warns of hackers attacking schools

The US warns schools of a new cyberthreat: criminals demand money for protecting sensitive student data from the dark Web.

Kids say life would be happier without social media

Survey of 5,000 high schoolers in England: Many of them are disillusioned by social media, because of online abuse & fake news.

Bullying hurts schools financially, too

Bullying costs schools the right to provide a safe learning environment, but in many cases it also costs schools money. A lot of money.

Bullying 5th graders leads to lasting damage

Bullying of 5th graders leads to depression in 7th graders and substance abuse in 10th grade, a new study out of Delaware has found.

Sexual harassment common in middle school

Surveys in IL show sexual harassment and bullying is a pattern in middle school. About 43 of students said they were victims of some form of verbal sexual harassment.

Obituary: Brandy Vela, a suicide; cyberbullying

A high school senior in Houston shot herself to death on Dec. 1; reports suggest she was cyberbullied and couldn't take any more.

Trump strategist’s site: Bullying reports are fake

We note the uptick in bullying reports nationwide since the election. Some news sites say reports are exaggerated. Keep it in perspective.