Friday, June 18, 2021
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Trump strategist’s site: Bullying reports are fake

We note the uptick in bullying reports nationwide since the election. Some news sites say reports are exaggerated. Keep it in perspective.

H.S. girl stabbed on a bus in Texarkana

A high school girl was stabbed on a bus Thursday in Texarkana, giving us an opportunity to consider school bus safety initiatives everywhere.

Cyberbullying more likely between past relations

Teens are more likely to be cyberbullied by friends, former friends, or dating partners than by those with whom they've never had a friendly relationship.

How to report cyberbullying on social media

Cyberbullying is an issue in our schools, despite laws and monumental efforts by social networks to limit it.

Top parent fears about teen cellphone use

Duke Univ. examines 7 common fears about the influence of mobile technologies on adolescents’ safety, social development, cognitive performance, & sleep.

A look at data on bullying policy in 25 states

A new study finds that schools following guidelines from the US Dept. of Ed. regarding bullying have lower levels of bullying.

Online threats depend on intent of speaker

The Supreme Court ruled threatening words only count as a "crime" if the speaker intended to make a threat.

Anti-bullying video goes viral

Cyberbullying hurts kids in a global, public forum, and can lead to desperate acts. A new Canadian video encourages discussions about cyberbullying.

Sequoia Capital's Yik Yak investment: $62 mil

The cause of cyberbullying by cowards spewing hate speech at others just got an infusion of millions of dollars. Wonderful.

Social media posts can escalate into cyberbullying

Cyberbullying requires new tools on the part of schools, and it may also require a shift in our attitudes about where schools' responsibility begins and ends.