Friday, June 18, 2021
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Cyberbullying law challenged in court

Laws that make it a crime to commit cyberbullying are increasingly being challenged on free speech grounds, but nothing yet from a high court.

Bullying victims more likely to bring weapons to school

Bullying victims suffer health problems, physical and psychosocial, new research confirms. Bullies may actually be healthier. 2 studies.

Blue ribbons for Grace

Students at a high school in Howard County, Md., want to remember a classmate who committed suicide after repeated cyberbullying.

Teens make nice words, not cyberbullying, go viral

Instead of using technology for cyberbullying, many teens and tweens in the US are using it to promote nice words about their classmates and schools. Nice it forward!!

Data show a cyberbullying decrease, but it still happens

Cyberbullying is down nationwide, mainly due to more awareness and kids who are reaching out, but 2 girls in FL were charged with felonies and 11 MD students were punished for cyberbullying.

Howard Co. wants you to report bullying, cyberbullying

A new system has been launched by county and school officials in Howard Co., Md., a system that allows officials to field reports of bullying and cyberbullying.

Update on preventing bullying among teenagers

We are happy to share an infographic about bullying (and preventing it, if possible) provided by the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California.

Florida girl, 12, commits suicide after cyberbullying

The suicide of a Florida girl, following about a year of cyberbullying, should teach us that we need to put an end to it. Now.

Bullies can remain anonymous on

A social website, has sprung up in usage over the past few months among American teenagers, and it has some not-so-hidden dangers.

Possible cyberbullying loophole in BYOD programs

Wondering if BYOD and other technology programs that provide students with access to the Internet have created opportunities for cyberbullying, an Iowa district looks at its policies.