H.S. girl stabbed on a bus in Texarkana

A high school student was stabbed between five and eight times while riding a bus to Texas High School in Texarkana on the morning of September 1, the Texarkana Gazette reports.

School bus fight in Hazzard Range County, N.M., Aug. 2015 (Tim Kuzdrowski / Flickr CC)

KSLA-TV, based in Shreveport, Louisiana, interviewed the injured girl’s mother, who was following the bus. “I told them before they got on the bus that I didn’t want them fighting,” she was quoted as saying. “And they still ended up fighting.”

The fight apparently broke out between three girls over a social media post the night before, although the district wouldn’t comment on the nature of the post.

The injured girl was treated at and released from a local hospital, and another girl has been charged as a juvenile with assault. The Texarkana Independent School District prohibits the carrying of pocketknives on school buses.

Efforts to improve bus safety got a boost in Maryland this year, thanks to S.B. 83 taking effect. Gov Larry Hogan announced on August 28 that the state had approved a total of $541,400 in funding to support school bus safety initiatives among 50 agencies in 22 jurisdictions, the Easton Star-Democrat reports.

The name of the fund was changed from the “School Bus Safety Enforcement Fund” to the “School Safety Enforcement Fund” in order to emphasize that its purpose is to provide local jurisdictions with needed flexibility to address school safety needs. The funding, however, is generally made available in order to promote safe driving near a school bus.

“Drivers must remember that speeding past a stopped school bus risks the lives of innocent children and bystanders,” the paper quoted Glenn Fueston, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention, which administered the funding, as saying.

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