Friday, August 7, 2020
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Md. takes post-Labor Day start to the House

The Md. Assembly moved half-way to undoing an executive order that forces schools to start the school year after Labor Day.

Yumi Hogan honors young artists in Md.

Yumi Hogan, a supporter of the arts and the governor's wife, recognized talented student artists at her bi-annual art exhibit.

Md. awards grants to develop & expand charters

Maryland awarded millions to a few charter schools so they can expand their programs, target internships, and grow.

Hurricane Florence packs high winds, lots of rain

Evacuations have been ordered along the East Coast, and Maryland's governor declared a state of emergency to prepare for the storm.

Hogan in Md. hires accountability watchdog

Maryland's governor wants his new director of Education Accountability to look into reports of corruption and other violations.

Hogan looks to help students pay for college

Will Md. become the 2nd state to make it tuition-free for students to attend a 4-year state college? It depends.

Tomorrow begins the 2018 legislative session in Md.

The Maryland General Assembly convenes tomorrow for its legislative session this year. Education leads the agenda in some ways.

Md. county hits the opioid crisis head-on

The opioid crisis has caused schools to adjust their services, sometimes beyond the needs of current funding or staffing levels.

Fentanyl deaths up 70% this year in Maryland

While heroin itself appears to have leveled off in Maryland, abuse of other opioids, esp. the synthetic fentanyl, have spiked.

Hogan won’t sign ESSA plan for Maryland

Md.'s gov. wouldn't sign off on the state board's school accountability plan, but his objections were based on the use of standardized tests.