Monday, May 10, 2021
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What attracts kids to marijuana-laced foods?

With medical marijuana now approved in several states, research is starting to tell us how to keep it out of kids' hands, like cigarettes.

Md. & Japan in maglev train partnership

A maglev train is being considered between Baltimore and Washington, but as with any design project, benefits and costs must be weighed.

Md. school funding commission leader named

A new educational funding commission in Md. will be chaired by a man with a legacy of expanding spending in the name of "innovation."

Md. program will fight heroin addiction in schools

Students play a role in an education campaign aimed at preventing heroin addiction, announced this morning by the lt. gov. of Md.

Hogan says Balto. Co. schools should have A/C

The Md. governor wants to hear from Baltimore County officials why so many so many students are still sweating to death in Baltimore Co. schools.

Hogan may be reneging about Common Core

People are still complaining about the Common Core standards, even in Maryland. This time, it's about the new governor.

Can Hogan swap education for pension funding?

There's a battle in Md. over funding for schools, a few million of which is destined to provide extra financial support for the state's pension fund.

Hogan signs charter school reforms

Md. has a new charter school law. It's not everything the Republican governor wanted, but it does create good opportunities for charters in the state.

Md. General Assembly adjourns sine die

The Md. General Assembly has completed its business in the first legislative session in Larry Hogan's first term as governor. A few bills deal with education.

Md.'s Hogan on education in State of the State

Charter school reform and legislation that would give people who contribute to private schools a tax credit led the new governor's education agenda.