Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Can DeVos and privatization be stopped?

The public school privatization argument is worth talking about—if only to bust the myth that it will solve all our problems. It won't even come close.

Gov. joins state supt. on 1st day of school in Md.

The day after Labor Day is the new start of the school year for almost every one of Maryland's 24 school districts, under a new executive order.

Extra week of summer good in Ocean City

Schools in Md. have been ordered by the governor to start the school year after Labor Day. It works for business. Does it work for kids?

Md. schools to stock opioid overdose drug

Opioid abuse has hit high schools, so educators in many states, incl. Maryland, stock schools with an emergency overdose antidote drug.

Can good governance cut greenhouse gases?

Reducing greenhouse gases would reduce the effects of climate change. Have 9 states found a way to do that?

How to keep summer long and strong

Let summer be summer, and don't start school too early to cut it short, writes a columnist in Naperville, IL.

Allegations of grade-fixing plague the DC suburbs

The Maryland governor has called for investigations in a case involving teachers who may have inflated grades to boost graduation rates.

Fracking could be banned in Maryland

Fracking has helped some companies extract oil and gas from the Earth, but it has also left permanent damage to the Earth's crust in its wake.

Close to water, “senioritis” takes on new meaning

Seniors at many high school often take a planned but unscheduled day off to relieve the stress that comes at the end of high school.

A few reasons for and against vouchers

Vouchers, which send public money to private schools, are in for a battle, and some news commentators say a battle line has been drawn.