Friday, October 30, 2020
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President calls on U.S. to ‘pass school choice’

As expected, very little was said about education in the State of the Union address, & even less about DACA and school safety.

Trump proposal: fund a wall, extend DACA

Trump said his "compromse" deal would protect DACA recipients and fund a wall in an effort to improve border security.

Federal judge in Texas keeps DACA in place

A federal judge in Texas denied a request for a temporary injunction that would have stopped DACA. What a surprise!

DACA: the other school problem that won’t go away

If Congress doesn't act by Mar. 5, protection will start expiring for US residents who came to the country illegally as children.

Trump delivers 1st State of the Union, a long one

President Trump's address didn't really mention education, but he did bring up immigration. He wants a wall and a path to citizenship.

Federal government shutdown in 3rd day

Congress has plans in the works, but the federal government remains shut down until they can approve an actual deal.

European immigrants fail to assimilate to new country

With immigration comes an increase in terrorism-related and sex crime, a student opines at an IL high school.

Trump denies vulgar comment, says he’s no racist

We see in the president a failure to understand history of the US, and with that, reflect on history lessons in our schools.

1 in 5 prisoners foreign-born, most illegal aliens

Federal statistics show that many of the foreign-born prisoners in US custody entered the country illegally. Keep perspective.

Zuckerberg shows keen interest in Okla. dreamers

A few h.s. and college students, all DACA recipients, had a chat with Facebook's co-founder and current CEO in Nov.