Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Lake surface temps rise around the world

Most of Earth's liquid freshwater is in lakes that support biodiversity and provide food and other resources. Climate change is among the greatest threats to lakes.

42 mil Canadian birds die in window collisions

Is it possible to reduce the number of birds that die by colliding with windows in urban areas? It's a problem in Canada and in other places as well.

Md. environmental lit wins international acclaim

Maryland's environmental literacy standards won an international award today from the World Future Council.

Chesapeake Bay surface water temp increasing

The temperature of water at the surface of the Chesapeake Bay is increasing more rapidly than the air temperature, new research concludes.

Blue whales forage efficiently & stay big

The largest animals to have ever lived on Earth, blue whales maintain their enormous body size by optimizing the energy they gain from the krill they eat.

Poor students study environment on the river

An environmental advocacy group partners with schools in jacksonville, Fla., to provide field trips on a river for the city's poorest students.

Chesapeake focuses educators on environment

A program aimed at Md. educators strives to improve their understanding of the ecosystem and economy of the Chesapeake Bay.

'World of 7 Billion' contest has a Md. winner

Two students from Broadneck HS in Annapolis won a video contest for The World of 7 Billion population education program.

Algal blooms more frequent in Chesapeake

The frequency of harmful algal blooms in the Chesapeake Bay has been increasing over the past 20 years, thanks to excess nitrogen runoff.

Obama conditionally allows drilling in Arctic

The move is a victory for Shell & the petroleum industry. Environmentalists warn that any accident could lead to a catastrophe.