Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Trump suggests military action in Venezuela

The US has, once again, rattled its sabre, this time at Venezuela, a struggling dictatorship in South America that's getting help from Russian oil.

Can the president destroy a law?

Pres Trump promised Wednesday to "destroy" the Johnson Amendment which prohibits tax-exempt organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

Pro-life club may sue Ind. H.S. for censorship

A pro-life club at an Ind. H.S. says the school showed viewpoint discrimination in banning its poster, which opposes abortion. Lawsuit possible.

Skit at a Texas H.S. simulates Trump assassination

Students in an English class in San Antonio performed a skit that simulated the assassination of a President Trump.

Can a regular person criticize a teacher?

Laws designed to prevent adults from criticizing teachers are too broad and may violate free speech protections in the 1st Amendment.

Free speech wins: selfies in the voting booth

Now anyone can take selfies as they vote, including the ballot, a practice that was banned in New Hampshire but is now perfectly legal.

Free speech in flags & T-shirts

Two cases involving student speech: one with a Black Lives Matter T-shirt, the other with an American flag at a football game.

H.S. student/Trump supporter says he was bullied

A high school student in Maine who supports Donald Trump says students, teachers, and administrators are trying to bully him to relinquish his support.

Some colleges look closely at free speech policies

Should schools and universities be able to restrict where students march in protest, regardless of how important their issue is?

Supreme Court won’t review rap-song suspension

A student who posted a rap video was suspended because what he said was threatening, but the US Supreme Court refused to review that suspension.