Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Minn. judge restricts #BlackLivesMatter protest

The movement is taking root and pledges to reverse current societal trends that, in racist fashion, devalue the lives of people of color.

Should you take selfies in a ballot booth?

A law in N.H. seeks to protect people from having to prove they voted a certain way, but it may ban speech that should be protected.

Dwarfs object to school mascot in Freeburg IL

Should Freeburg Comm H.S. near St Louis change its mascot from the Midgets to something else to avoid offending dwarfs?

Madison board bans shirts with Indian teams

A Wis. school district has banned, say, team jerseys that have Native American mascots. We're neutral on the morals but think banning T-shirts was a mistake.

Hold your applause at graduation or go to jail

Millions of high school students are joyfully graduating. Sometimes, requests to hold applause until the end of the ceremony are taken too seriously.

Online threats depend on intent of speaker

The Supreme Court ruled threatening words only count as a "crime" if the speaker intended to make a threat.

Cyberbullying law challenged in court

Laws that make it a crime to commit cyberbullying are increasingly being challenged on free speech grounds, but nothing yet from a high court.

Video of police action at Md. Common Core info session

A community member is arrested at a meeting during his impassioned attempts to ask the state's school officials about the Common Core.

Can’t take away a ‘privilege’ by denying free speech

A few days ago, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling concerning the First Amendment right of free speech that could...

Two standards govern student free speech

The Second Circuit recently found that schools could bar certain religious references at school-sponsored ceremonies and assemblies.