Sunday, August 14, 2022

Skit at a Texas H.S. simulates Trump assassination


A skit at a South Texas high school depicted the assassination of Donald Trump, My San Antonio reports. The two students and their teacher were reprimanded, and all have apologized.

Marshall H.S. (school website). Shown are students of the week, a freshman, sophomore, and senior.

Two students in a 10th-grade English class at San Antonio’s Marshall High School portrayed a skit in which one student made gunshot noises with his cellphone and the other student fell down to simulate dying. Despite the requirement that the students submit a plan for their skit prior to the performance in class, these two students changed their skit after they submitted their original plan.

Ordinarily, we don’t report on skits in a high school English class, except as part of a story that concerns the teaching of literature or English, because such stories wouldn’t rise to the level of news in most contexts. This election, however, is not like most contexts we’re familiar with, so news agencies are reporting stories like this.

“This election was unusually nasty,” FOX News quoted Judith Myers-Walls, a professor emerita of human development and family studies at Purdue University, as saying. “It was in many ways at a child’s level with the candidates at times acting like they were in preschool.”

With pervasive media coverage and the constant presence of the candidates on television, the internet, and social media, many students have picked up slogans, she added. They cry out “Build the Wall” and “Lock Her Up” without really understanding what they mean.

The students weren’t named in the report because they’re minors and didn’t do anything that would warrant legal action, but the skit adds to the list of students across the country who are speaking out, sometimes in more violent ways, for and against the election of Donald Trump to the office of president of the United States.

Paul Katula
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