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U.S. girls read and write better than boys

Girls show better reading and writing ability than boys as early as 4th grade. It gets worse after that.

Dr. sentenced, MSU prez resigns in gymnastics abuse

A man who served as "the must-see" physician for US gymnasts was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison for having abused them.

Male success stereotypes undermine women’s interest

Why are women underrepresented in certain fields, and why do they have less interest in certain careers? Society could be to blame.

Students ask female professors for more favors

Professors get special requests from students a lot, like extra time. Female profs who deny the request are more likely to get complaints.

Male-female stereotypes start early in life

Research out of Johns Hopkins and the WHO shows that we internalize gender stereotypes at a very young age: girls are vulnerable, boys are strong.

Boys or girls, we get good at what we practice

We can deny it, but test after test (whether valid or not) shows boys score well in higher math and girls in elementary reading. What to do?

DeVos, Ivanka Trump talk STEM for girls

Is there a shortage of girls going into STEM-related careers? Maybe there was at one point, but it has largely disappeared these days.

Love in the air & on stage at Cary-Grove

Many parts of our world are dominated by one gender or the other, but not surprisingly, some aspects of life are the same for everyone.

Tests say girls are better readers than boys

Reported gender gaps in reading ability may be a reflection of tests that measure reading ability, incl. multiple-choice and essay questions.

Under pressure, men choke more than women

Stress under highly competitive situations, such as a Grand Slam tennis match, shows that men choke under pressure quite consistently while women choke only sometimes.