Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Caribbean braces for Hurricane Maria, now a Cat. 5

Puerto Rico is in the direct path of Hurricane Maria, expected to be the strongest storm to hit the island in about 85 years.

Post-Katrina lessons for student hurricane victims

Even in the face of a natural disaster, kids can show great resilience. But everyone has to beware of the dangers that come in a hurricane's wake.

Schools continue to send help for hurricane victims

Helping people in need includes helping schools that suffered losses in recent hurricanes. Schools in Md. & a marching band in IL step up.

News agencies explain how hurricanes form

Hurricane Irma is breaking records as it rakes Florida, leaves Caribbean destruction and starvation in its wake, and settles down as it heads north.

Houston ISD implements a rolling restart

America rushed to the aid of Houston schools & students. Except for a few badly damaged campuses, students will be heading back to school soon.

Irma, a Cat. 5, wipes out Antigua, Barbuda; Fla. in path

Hurricane Irma remained a Category 5 storm longer than any other hurricane in recorded history. It's headed to south Florida.

IL schools pitch in for Houston’s Harvey victims

In a "We Are One America" way, schools across IL are reaching out to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Proud.

Hurricane Irma churns as fake forecasts abound

Don't trust every hurricane forecast you read on social media. Irma is a dangerous storm, but the Nat'l Weather Service says it may not hit land.

Houston schools to resume Sept. 11, after clean-up

Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical depression, will lead to a long clean-up process. Houston kids return to school on Sept. 11.

Hurricane Harvey prompts massive relief response

The hurricane in Texas has caused massive destruction, mainly from flooding, and killed at least 5 people so far. Help is needed.