Thursday, March 4, 2021
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For this historic week, Amazing Grace

Eclipse, hurricane, ... what a week! Reminds me of the power of nature, the need for math and science, and the beautiful reasons for it all.

Hurricane Harvey may dump >30" of rain on Texas

Hurricane Harvey barrels down on South Texas, near the Houston area, affecting not only schools but lives and communities.

Hundreds die in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is headed to Cape Canaveral, and it's a killer. At least 283 people have been reported dead in Haiti.

Hard to predict storm paths due to climate change

Forecasting the path of storms in temperate latitudes is becoming increasingly difficult due to climate change, U of Chicago researchers say.

Hurricane Hermine threatens Fla., Ga., Carolina

Hurricane Hermine threatens the southeast coast of the US Thursday night and through Saturday. Several closures and cancellations.

Hurricane Patricia brings 165-mph winds to Mexico

Hurricane Patricia is the strongest hurricane ever in the Western Hemisphere, and it made landfall this afternoon on Mexico's Pacific coast.