Friday, June 18, 2021
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Chicago Bears to host state football champs on Dec 29

The IHSA and the Chicago Bears have announced that state champions will be invited to the Bears-Packers game on Dec 29 and honored with a ceremony.

IHSA drops state marching band championship, it seems

Our coverage of a possible statewide marching band championship in Illinois, one sponsored by the IHSA, comes to an end, given the absence of any response from the IHSA.

The Constitution & a state championship series

Editorial judgement in our ongoing report of a poll about the possibility of an Illinois state championship series in marching band developed by the IHSA requires us to look at a case appealed last year to the Seventh Circuit.

Students, parents, others respond about an IL state marching band championship

Our 5th chapter in the report about the possibility of an IHSA-sponsored state championship series in marching band takes a look at some of the responses we received from people who didn't identify themselves as directors.

Why some directors don't want an IL marching band state championship

Part 3 of our report considers the reasons directors gave for why a state championship series in marching band should not be developed in Illinois or by the IHSA.

Directors' reasons for wanting a state of Illinois marching band championship

We analyze the reasons given by directors who said that Illinois should sponsor and sanction a state championship series in marching band.

We expect an IL marching band championship

The results from our poll about a possible marching band state championship in Illinois are being published piece by piece. This is the first installment.

IHSA acted correctly by not granting strike waiver

The IHSA denied a waiver of its by-laws to Chicago Public Schools during their current teachers' strike. Teams cannot compete, although practices can continue under certain conditions.

First girl scores in IL championship game

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The 2A championship football game in Illinois Friday will be noted for something other than the final score in the annals...