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Md. takes post-Labor Day start to the House

The Md. Assembly moved half-way to undoing an executive order that forces schools to start the school year after Labor Day.

Gov. joins state supt. on 1st day of school in Md.

The day after Labor Day is the new start of the school year for almost every one of Maryland's 24 school districts, under a new executive order.

Extra week of summer good in Ocean City

Schools in Md. have been ordered by the governor to start the school year after Labor Day. It works for business. Does it work for kids?

How to keep summer long and strong

Let summer be summer, and don't start school too early to cut it short, writes a columnist in Naperville, IL.

Close to water, “senioritis” takes on new meaning

Seniors at many high school often take a planned but unscheduled day off to relieve the stress that comes at the end of high school.

For now, Presidents’ Day is a Md. school holiday

A Md. bill would make 2 current state-mandated school holidays optional, making it a little easier for schools to start after Labor Day.

2 Md. districts can start before Labor Day

2 districts in Md. will be able to start school in the fall before Labor Day, if they want, which they probably will, given the snowy weather there.

Gates resigns from Md. State Board of Education

A respected scientist and member of the state board of education in Md. resigned today over executive orders issued by the governor regarding education.

Md. order makes starting before Labor Day difficult

Gov Larry Hogan issued another order to give the state school board some direction as to when they can waive his first executive order.

Post-Labor Day start order may be illegal

Md. prides itself on being a local control-heavy state, but an executive order to start school after Labor Day has caused a fuss and may be illegal.