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Will Md. students experience more summer slide?

We ask (and look to research seeking answers) whether Gov Larry Hogan's order for Md. schools to start after Labor Day will hurt students academically.

Hogan orders more summer, gets an earful

For math students, it's a calendar problem to schedule 180 school days between Labor Day and June 15. Is it possible mathematically?

Hogan orders Md. schools to start after Labor Day

Md. schools will have to start after Labor Day, beginning in the 2017-18 school year, by executive order of the governor.

Comptroller might ask governor to order schools to start after Labor...

We can't support continued efforts on the part of some Md. policymakers to force public schools in the state to start after Labor Day.

Sharp criticism about starting school after Labor Day

The battle in Md. to hold off on starting the school year until after Labor Day has come up against roadblocks in the state house.

Post-Labor Day school start battle revs up again

As the Maryland comptroller picks up the drive to have schools start after Labor Day, we wonder how serious the question might be.

Poll: Marylanders want school to start after Labor Day

A new data point has been added to the debate about pushing back the start of school to past Labor Day to give businesses an extra week of summer.

Start school on a locally determined date

We give what I hope will be our final opinion about making it a law that schools in Maryland have to start after Labor Day.

Md. educators don't want to start after Labor Day

The debate goes on: business interests want schools to start after Labor Day; education officials want to keep things the way they are.

Md. schools might start after Labor Day

Despite a task force recommendation that schools in Md. start after Labor Day, we don't think the economic benefit will offset what students lose.