Friday, July 3, 2020
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Mo. boy who didn’t make soccer team sues school

Is participating on soccer teams a "right" that an excluded player can ask a court of law to remedy if he gets cut?

Parents in Maine sue for religious school tuition

Some districts in Me. don't have a high school, so schools reimburse parents for outside tuition. But not for religious schools.

Hononegah student sues school over free speech

An IL h.s. student filed a lawsuit against her school, saying officials bullied her into not stating her case for the 2nd Amendment.

Court steps into an IL medical marijuana case

Even in states with medical marijuana use approved, students still can't take those prescriptions to school. An IL judge stepped in.

Misconstrued photo leads to Barrington H.S. lawsuit

A lawsuit alleging defamation of character has been filed by 6 IL girls against their high school district, the principal, & supt.

No reasonable expectation of privacy in a classroom

A teacher who changed in his classroom for after-school activities was videotaped by the school; he can't sue them under the 4th or 14th Amendment.

Lawsuit claims artificial turf is carcinogenic

A parent group is suing the San Diego school district for installing artificial turf at elementary schools. The group says it causes cancer.

Fla. court won’t hear voucher case

FL's Supreme Court won't hear a case that teachers' unions say would challenge the constitutionality of private school voucher programs.

Blind woman sues school that keeps kids off bus

Should schools be required to provide transportation for non-disabled students of disabled parents? Atlanta Public Schools is asking.

Hazing alleged since the 70s at Ooltewah

Where a nationally recognized marching band resides, other school officials are being sued in connection with sexual assault and hazing.