Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Fla. court won’t hear voucher case

FL's Supreme Court won't hear a case that teachers' unions say would challenge the constitutionality of private school voucher programs.

Blind woman sues school that keeps kids off bus

Should schools be required to provide transportation for non-disabled students of disabled parents? Atlanta Public Schools is asking.

Hazing alleged since the 70s at Ooltewah

Where a nationally recognized marching band resides, other school officials are being sued in connection with sexual assault and hazing.

Calif. schools didn’t tell parents about opting out

Some parents in Calif. say it was illegal for their kids' school district not to notify them they had the right to opt out of state tests.

IHSA sued over brain trauma (concussions) from football

The IHSA is being sued over not exercising the proper care of athletes who had suffered concussions as they played football.

Wis. district sued because teachers bargained collectively

Madison teachers allegedly violated a new state law against collective bargaining by public workers when they negotiated a new contract.